• Materials for Children


“A Kingdom of Isolation”: Hans Christian Andersen’s Legacy in Modern Children’s Literature. Click on image to view Prezi highlighting the works of the beloved children’s author of The Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen, and many other fairy tales.

  • Information Technologies for Libraries and Information Agencies


Click on image to view the website I created to highlight the coding skills I learned in this class. The class covered HTML, HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, Java, PHP, SQL, and other relevant skills such editing wikis like PBWorks, SurveyMonkey, TextWrangler, FileZilla, Jing, PicMonkey, Google Analytics, Flickr and more.


  • Human Information Behavior


Gender’s Game: Examining Heteronormativity in Censorship Prohibitive to Queer Youth Information Seeking is a Prezi based on my final paper written for. I presented this paper at Seton Hall University’s Annual Conference on Women and Gender in 2016.


  • Search and the Information Landscape



Digital Instruction video for the Gender Watch Database created with PowToon.





Spectrum Guide is a LibGuide that I created as an introductory LGBTQIA+ resources and book recommendations for teens.




A Pinterest Board featuring LGBT+ Young Adult books created to feature on the Spectrum Guide LibGuide.




  • Reading Interests of Adults



Daughters of Octavia is a brief genre guide about Black Women’s Speculative Fiction.



  • Social Informatics

Readers Gonna Read


Readers Gonna Read: Becoming & Staying a Reader in the Age of Social Media is a video exploring how readers read in the digital age.


  • Multi-Award Winning Undergraduate Senior Thesis



Gender, Slacks, and Propaganda: Women on America’s Home Front During World War II is the winner of the 2015 Elizabeth Ann Seton Women’s Studies Writing Prize and winner of the 2015 Reilly Prize for the Best Paper written for a History course. E-mail me for a writing sample at